It's Time for Your One Year Warranty Inspection with Your Builder

Your home is nearly a year old now ...

Prior to the One Year Warranty Walk-through the builder will ask you to prepare a list of items that you have noticed and want addressed.
The most common questions I hear regarding a one year inspection are:
 "The house is only a year old, what could possibly happen during that short period of time?"
 "I had the home inspected prior to closing so there shouldn't be anything wrong"
"It passed all the local code enforcement inspections"
"I didn't have the home inspected prior to closing so I didn't think I can get an inspection now".
Based on years of experience and thousands of inspections, this can be a critical time for an inspection to be performed.

Unfortunately, things can and do happen in a short period of time. Some issues will have been present since construction and may have been overlooked for correction and repair.

Here is just a sample of things I have found on a one year inspection:
Damaged/ modified/improperly repaired roof trusses;
No supports under the ends of load bearing girders;
Improperly installed framing supports and fasteners;
Missing or improperly wired electrical outlets;
Interior load bearing walls that are not plumb or bowed.