Hire A Certified Inspector

Selecting the right home inspector is as important as finding the right home. 


In addition to my years of home inspection experience, I am also a Certified Home Inspector. This means I have also passed written examinations testing my knowledge of residential construction, defect recognition, inspection techniques, and report-writing, as well as adhere to Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics. Membership in state, national, and world recognized professional associations is well-earned and maintained only through meeting requirements for continuing education.

When you hire Arrow Home Inspection Service, LLC, you will be assured of receiving a proven and experienced home inspection professional to inspect your property.

Hire a Certified Inspector

Of course you want your inspector to be experienced, professional, credentialed, certified, and detailed. Use the "Questions to Ask" form below to ask for the appropriate qualifications in assisting you to choose your inspector.  I have also included my answers to these questions to make comparisons easy for you. Using these sample questions will help you see that “all inspectors are NOT the same”.

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   ASHI Certified